Dude, who even knows.

1st October 2014

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Overgrown brutalist stairs, Celovška cesta, Ljubljana


Overgrown brutalist stairs, Celovška cesta, Ljubljana

1st October 2014

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Roissy is our Dan Savage was our Ann Landers, isn’t he?

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1st October 2014

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I am going to print this out, laminate it, and keep it with my gloves and spade.

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1st October 2014

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watching old Seinfelds at the strip club and everyone is so young!

30th September 2014

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Anonymous said: Would you dare to give a horse a handjob if it was safe to do so?


its so sad how obvious it is that this is a horse on anon lmao

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30th September 2014

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Anonymous said: why are some people so obsessed with fashion magazines? all i see are endless ad campaigns and only a few articles. it doesn't make sense.



Let’s say a 15 year old boy lives in a house with his dad and his six older brothers. He lives in a town where if you do not fit the stereotypes assigned to your gender, you are ridiculed for them. He tells his dad and his brothers that he’s going to off to football practice but in reality, he’s sneaking off to the store to pick up the latest issue of Vogue. He reads his Vogue under his covers every night with a flash light because he hopes that one day, he can achieve his long life goal of becoming a Fashion Designer. 

Let’s say a girl is getting bullied at school because she has a strange teeth and her dentist won’t allow her braces. She buys a fashion magazine and she takes one look at these beautiful models with strange facial features. She idolizes models like Lindsey Wixson and Georgia May Jagger because they share the same gap-tooth teeth as her. She feels beautiful and less lonely in the world because she knows that you can be beautiful even if you have imperfections on your face. This magazine with her favourite model on it gives her hope, that one day, maybe she can be one of these beautiful women on the front cover of her magazine. 

Let’s say a 17 year old gay boy buys as many fashion magazines as he can so he can collect every editorial of his favourite models. He is an aspiring fashion journalist and articles written by his favourite fashion writers inspire him. He is bullied constantly for his sexuality and he is always getting beaten up and verbally abused just for being gay whenever he steps outside of the house. He finds comfort in fashion because it makes him feel a little less alone in the world. He hopes one day he could be the new face of Prada, or maybe he could be an award-winning fashion journalist. He dreams of surrounding himself with people just like him who won’t relentlessly torment him based on the way he walks or his sexual orientation. Fashion makes this boy feel like he isn’t all alone in this world. And this boy is me. 

Don’t you see? Fashion magazines aren’t just about glossy pages filled with clothes and campaigns etc…These magazines are a shining beacon of hope for people who sometimes may feel alone in this world. Fashion is such a huge community. Fashion feels like home to some people. Sometimes these magazines are all the hope we have left in this lonely world, and these magazines inspire us to work harder each day in order to feel accepted finally. 

THAT is why fashion magazines are so important.

What he said.

Remember Bratz? The dolls, kinda like Barbie, except, you know, trashy.  “My Little Hoochie Mama” and all that.

Back in college for a gag gift party I got someone a Bratz coloring book, except they left it behind and I ended up keeping it. And then in LA I ended up writing manuals for a few Bratz games, so to get the brand voice right I turned back to that coloring book, and other official Bratz media.

And I was stunned to realize how fundamentally Correct the official Bratz “message” was. I’d put it in one sentence as, “no matter what you’re like or what you’re into, a bit of effort towards style can put that across to people as the reason they should look to you as an interesting person”.

Like, there really wasn’t any more sexiness or boy-craziness to it than Barbie, hardly any at all honestly. (There’s more prominent makeup, I’ll spot you that.) So I thought further on what the distinction was, and I realized that Bratz, both as characters in the auxiliary media and as products packaged with coordinated outfits, are defined by a particular style - goth, or rocker, or raver, or whatever.

Whereas with Barbie, some of the dolls are oriented to a look, or to gimmicks like colorable hair, but a lot of the packages are a role - looking at the webshop I immediately see singer, soccer player, ice skater, chef, entrepreneur, ballerina…

And that’s really the distinction. If you bother to read the official backstories the Bratz have jobs, but that’s not how they distinguish themselves as people. Rather, the identity they present to the world is based on their personal taste and interests. Whereas Barbies define themselves by what they do for a living, and more specifically given how these tend to be “star” or “leadership” type careers, their position in life.

Which is to say, while Barbie is bougie, Bratz are working class.

Which is how it came to be decided that they were contemptible sluts.

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28th September 2014

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Watersheds in the United States


Watersheds in the United States

28th September 2014

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Catwoman should have a Robin, because symmetry.

Except “an orphaned preteen, brought up as successor to the tradition of vulnerability-masking aggression” (the atom of the Batmanverse) is especially pulpy for the Catwoman, thus female, thus sexual variant

Maybe more pulpy than the contemporary Batman could bear? Wow wow that’s a wow.

Solution instead it was a (cat) lady grown to her late 30s in escapist obesity never had to live up to her self-conception (that’s why she wrote fanfic) who gets hit on the head, hard, in one of those timeless Gotham muggings.

She comes out of the coma years later, 100 pounds lighter, her inhibition completely gone (from the hit or one of those iffy psycho-professionals Gotham attracts like flies, that will vary by writer)

Sets out to live out her dreams, eventually attracts the attention of Selina Kyle who sees enough of a kindred spirit to want to protect and teach her

She is…


(edit: apparently Catwoman has a Robin. my bad.)

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26th September 2014


Two things:

First thing, I finally got my motorcycle towed to the shop. Might have missed summer but damned if I’ll miss wet leaf season.

For the first time I got a dedicated-motorcycle tow truck, on the ride asked the driver when the peak time for motorcycle tows was, he said always a bunch at rush hours just cause that’s when people are driving. But also, a bunch of Japanese bikes in the morning because people had problems but got home and want to get it to the mechanic next day, and a lot of Harleys at night because people got drunk and wrecked something.

I told this story at the bar and one girl got a look in her eye and was like “I asked a similar question once and the dude said weekdays was couples with Kawasakis and Yamahas and weekends were single dudes on Harleys.


(Honda, tyvm)

Second thing I was wondering why kids these days were all wrong, comma optional, on the internet, and I just realized, oh no, the new cutting edge generation never knew the before time.

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26th September 2014

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just thought to myself “in furry worlds, are the representatives of the GOP and Democratic parties still elephants and donkeys, or are they some kind of fucked up humans” and now i need to take a nap